Sponsorship for London's Youth !


A-Grade is happy to present our brand new scheme targeting London's urban youth with professional support in music, personal and career development.


We are currently offering free support to young adults seeking to build careers in the creative industries whether its the entertainment, media or music industry, we are arming as many people as possible with the knowledge on how to start and earn a living independently.


 We are offering educational workshops and in addition, access to perks such as free studio time and the range of our services throughout the rest of the month at significantly reduced rates.

Age Groups : 

-18 or under-

Free monthly workshop + Recording/Production session + Discounted rates throughout month:

Attended with Parents/Appointed adult

-18 to 22-

Free monthly workshop + Recording/Production session + Discounted rates throughout month

Can be attended individually with ID/Proof of Age



This program has been specially designed the companies founder with the intention of providing London's youth with productive opportunity's and active encouragement to strive for excellence and achieve their ambitions throughout life. 

In an unsettling social situation facing London, many social facilities (Youth clubs etc) have been withdrawn and many routes to work and education have been severely reduced in number. We at A-Grade believe that as members of the community, we must all do our part to support and facilitate a better society to live in. 

We will be doing monthly workshops throughout 2020 and intend to support attendees by arming them with the knowledge and confidence they need to navigate the creative/music industry as well as facilitating and supporting any and all creative goals.


There is ONE CATCH attached to our sponsorship, a catch which we are sure many people will be happy with given recent events and the tragic loss of young lives in London to knife grime and particularly drug and gang culture in the inner city.


So the catch of this campaign is our angle, be positive. We are specifically looking to sponsor and lend resources to Youth who are promoting a positive message / seeking to say more in their music.


We will consider everyone, even "works in progress". We will support people seeking to distance themselves from negativity even providing resources/advice on how to hand in things they no longer want to keep in their possession.


We have let everybody know the catch specifically so you know what we are looking for and what to send us as an example. 

Communities around London need fresh and innovative voices, new leaders and productive attitudes to change the direction and narrative in which our culture is currently driving ahead with....

Are you up for the task ? 

To be considered; Send your work over to : 


With the subject title USP 

What to send ? 

We want everyone to have in mind that we want you to send us something which demonstrates your abilities. It doesn't have to be the most professional, or even a song or music video already done. It just has to show what your art is. 


Here are some basic guidelines to help guide you in what type of content we will most likely check/accept

1. A song you've already made, song quality counts but is not everything, as long as we can hear your music. It will do the job. 

2. A recording of you performing your music. Be it a jamming session, a freestyle clip off your phone or a video clip of you performing/making a track or a audio snippet off your phone. 

3. A link to a song / music video you've already released.

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