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Articles : Here's the reason why paid ad's (PPC) will be the future for all creatives

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

We have had an endless amount of discussions with different creatives about the struggle of being heard. By now, We can all agree that there is just SO MUCH creative noise to cut through, after a while it can just start to feel like your swinginf in the dark.

It's tough, with no sure signs of milestones and no promises of immediate change anytime soon, How can creatives (be it artists, producers, filmmakers and so fourth) guarantee they will be heard ? Well #LetsTalkAboutIt


Now duly noted from the beginning, Google Ad's is not the 'only' future path for creatives, but is most definitely a creative asset that is next to none. No doubt, we will have creative boffins crawl out the woodwork to express how they failed on Google but succeeded on Facebook ads (or for the true Boffins; Bing Ads) at a much cheaper rate, but for the sake of clarity we want to make it crystal clear what the differences are so you can understand how to incorporate all these digital assets as 'tactics' into your broader brand strategy in a way that actually produces results and most importantly; conversions (sales/sign ups etc).

Change your lens

For a moment, we would like everyone to step back and just adjust the lense they are looking at social media through. This is simply to clear our heads because we know we all have different dispositions and relationships with how we use the internet and social media platforms on a personal level, and we don't want to mix personal interests with business interests.

Social Media channels = Digital Assets

What we would like to suggest is that for the rest of this segment you step into out realm of viewing each of these platforms simply as "Digital Assets/Resources/Tools". Just like in real life, whilst many tools shares similarity's, they are each designed with a specific range of functions which have differences in how people consume on each platform.

Tactics: Whats in your digital toolbox ?

Now picture a toolbox, but instead of screwdrivers, hammers and nails, instead what you have is all of the social media platforms you are most comfortable using, be it YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Periscope, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn, Trilla and so on.

Getting specific : Best Tactics

Now we have our toolbox full of our "resources" which we will be using to build with, for popularity's sake, we will use the 4 most popular. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. We would like you to now consider how each of these platforms functions individually.

You can instantly notice each has their own unique style of user-experience which is built to serve specific purposes (But as a point worth mentioning; Many of these platforms are now encouraging users to create "long-form content").

We will explore each more in depth but keep our points of each relatively simple for this post just to give context to why we have highlighted Google Ads as the future and building a YouTube presence will be a significant asset for creatives.

Facebook Advertising Service

For Facebook, it's base audience has matured and it has since co-opted the over 40's who are active users of Facebook on a regular basis. It's ads service is generally cheaper on than Google but more expensive than Microsfts advertising service Bing AD's. What Facebook as a service essentially offers in terms of Ads is a lower priced, yet competitive service of intelligent PPC advertising for people/businesses of all walks of life.

The habits of consumption vary on Facebook (clarify) but ultimately it is a great tool to raise awareness and build momentum for your campaign, as well as redirecting them to your content elsewhere online.

Bing Ads

The same could be said for Bing AD's except it does not have the social platform which Facebook has. But what Bing AD's has is an ultra cheap way to reach your target audience, and a surprisingly huge and formidable range of data stemming from its roots as a Windows company meaning that its data is built around everyonebthat uses a Microsoft computer and particularly, the built-in Bing Browsers that come with windows computers.

Why Bing Ad's is worth mentioning despite being less popular is it shows that Bing Ad's offers a particularly unique audience that is actually the ideal terrain for many industries, for example B2B is thriving on Bing (as it is on LinkedIn) because the share of audience members aged between 40 - 60 is significantly higher than other platforms and Microsofts Bing Ads also gloats of their unique access to high earning audiences.

Google Ad's: The mutual heaven

Now moving forward and to the core of our point, here is what separated Google Ad's, we have uniquely dubbed it the "stickiness factor". Ultimately, perhaps it's just down to how YouTubes U.I (User Interface) is designed, but for creatives, particularly videographers, bloggers, vloggers, filmmakers and musicians there is a distinct advantage of running Google Ads to and from your YouTube channel, whether you are directing them to your video or a 3rd party link (websites/other social media channels etc).

Ask yourself; almost every time a person has asked you for your music or any other form of content about you, where is/was the first place they went to look for it ? Facebook ? Twitter ? Instagram ? Spotify ? Tiktok ? Of course not; to tell who you are as a musician, the number one location people go to reference your work is YouTube, the world's biggest video streaming platform.

Think carefully about what we are saying here, if people are "more likely" to look for you on YouTube than even Spotify, consider what that means for your ranking in the long term if that is where you are driving your traffic ?

In marketing terms a polished / high performing YouTube account is a crown jewel of digital assets, only rivalled by having a high performing website and/or digital e-mail list which can connect you directly to the consuner. But what makes YouTube special is that it acts as a special signifier of your brand and will immediately open doors for you in most industries today.

Maintaining the spotlight: Old and new candidates

If you seek to remain in the spotlight, the only key locations to look are YouTube, Instagram (note: owned by Facebook) and Twitter ((arguably because it is most effective for already established artists/brands but is a great point to interact with big names).

There are also viable candidates on the rise which may fill the void for specific niches, for example LinkedIn for professionals, and for creatives and people with a need to be immersed in Youth culture, Tiktok and Trilla are prime candidates to take chunks out of Instagrams user-base as it continues to decapitate its own organic reach in favour of increasing paid spending and user time on the platform.

Why Google Ads reigns king for authority building

Further to the point above, there is also the matter of general prestige / clout. Despite us being "anti clout" in our ethos, we maintain that view in the sense that we believe in putting authenticity first. Yet as marketers we also understand the language of human communications and have taken ample time to understand the nuances (hidden language) that seems to drive the industry, in shorter words; there is meaning in the numbers.

Consider how you react when you come across an amazing artist with "3000 views" despite you being a music connoisseur or not, it's pretty underwhelming right ? We have all come across amazing creative work where the comments are littered with "I can't believe this only had 5000 views. The thing is, being that guy/gal with "only" 5000 views is inevitable for all of us at some point (including us now as we currently build new social channels for ourselves).

What isn't inevitable, is running around like a headless chicken and then getting frustrated that "the game isn't real" or that "your friends don't support you", that is completely circumstancial and we are going to offer this strategic nugget to everyone who has read this far. What you lack in this area is "structure".

How to GUARANTEE your audience : Budget and structure.

Structure creates peace of mind, you can always make slight adjustments to your strategy week in week out to adjust for real world changes and unanticipated factors, but we assure you. Rather than throwing money at every social media platform as a creative, or "saving up" and just splashing a huge sum on some random advertising before disappearing again.

We are gonna suggests something that may seem unconventional, or even as if we were partners of Google; but we are not. Our solution which has been working for numerous creatives we have been working with is to stop viewing content releases as a "short window of time for marketing".

To put the "fast food social media content" mentally of thinking you only have a short time to promote something to rest. Instead, panic less, set out a practical budget which you "know" you can afford. Even if it's £50 a month, and begin organising your campaigns to run for 3/6 months.

That does NOT mean run the same piece of content for that duration of time until people are unresponsive, consider how many different ads or cutaways of your music video or animation you could get/create and then start to diversify until you find a consistent "rhythm" with your audience which they seem to respond to consistently.

We promise this, even at £20 per month alongside regular posting and plugging would be far more effective than £500 spent in a burst. After all, a fun marketing fact is that the average user doesn't convert or even recognize a brand. until between 8/12 times of seeing it in different contexts.

If that is the case, are your all "bursts" of promotion and their lack of results starting to make sense ? The core difference is that this way you will do two things at once, gradually accumulate views which will help your brand to grow as well as build your search ranking as you start to get more impressions and interactions via Google.

This in turn will strengthen your brand in ways that a Facebook or Bing ad simply do not, Facebook is pretty effective at raising awareness but between Facebook and Google, without a solid structure, your essentially just "playing the lottery" and "hoping the right person sees you" in the short space of time your promoting with the hope it will take you to your next career milestone.

We are recommending to the opposite and start to create a structure which will set out a solid, undeniable, legitimate foundation of audience and REAL VIEWS/LISTENERS by creating a structure for consistency.

We hope this article has been valuable to you, this is why we do this.

Much love A-Grade

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