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Article : Songwriting ; Beating writer's block

Updated: Jun 19

In this article we will be trying to provide some long-term remedy's to the age-old problem of writers block that songwriters and infact; writers of all kinds have battled with. The first thing to recognise is that writers block, infact "creative block" in general is not a real thing. It's just a phrase we use to describe a circumstance many of us find ourselves in at some point. How we can help is having worked with hundreds of different creatives from different fields, we started to notice patterns in how people viewed "down moments" in their creative process in which they did not 'feel' they could produce what they usually would 'under normal circumstances'. So before going into our tips; lets practice a little introspection; Are there other factors in your life which are impacting your confidence to be creative ? Often when people are going through issues, be it relationships, financial or personal changes/battles trying to stay creative can be an uphill struggle and it can emotionally take its toll on even the most talented individuals.

The strongest advice is to not fight with your mind or try to force a different state out of yourself, instead, try temporarily embracing it. Instead of treating these areas like creative block or writers block, get creative and find ways to incorporate these unavoidable factors of life into your creative process, it will help you by charging you with extra creative energy as well as contributing to reducing your stress levels by acting as an outlet. When it comes to your art, be honest. Art reflects life and life is always happening so if you can be creative and draw energy from life itself, you will have a never-ending source of creativity and productivity.

If you find yourself in a creative space in which you feel no matter what you do; you cannot get your creative juices flowing as normal consider these tips below:

1. "Learn your creative cycle "

Think about what your usual topics are that allow you to tap into your creativity when you create music ? When you look over all at your work while you were 'in the zone' you will start to notice specific emotional patterns in the moments when you are most creative. If this is the case chances are one of those keys things which were driving you at the time are now absent, or being emotionally overshadowed by another event or personal experience.

Our first piece of solid advice is that you recognise how important it is to not be 'defeated' by your own thoughts; and understand that the absence of what usually drives you will provide yourself with a new source of fuel; this will also create new meaning to your work.

It does not mean it is no longer good but you will have to accept that what you will be creating for some time may be different to what you are usually creating, there is nothing wrong with this and actually adds to your creative palette.

2. "Stop forcing songwriting; Write whats on your mind"

Have you been going through an unusual set of emotions which are different to the usual state you are in while creating music ? Changing emotions can mean a dramatic change in your creative process. The motivations to be creative change based on the emotional state of the person creating.

If you find yourself in a different emotional place whether it is a dark place whilst your art is usually from a happy place, or vice versa. Being in a different space does not mean you should stop this believing in your work because it is different to what you feel is traditionally "you". Accepting that its going to be temporarily (or permanent depending on the long-term emotional and professional impact) different is key to moving forward. Remember; Ultimately you decide.

Whatever emotions you experience, they are yours to own and it is important that you accept your reality so you can keep the creative juices flowing.

It takes bravery and honesty to be truthful about your emotions; but remember that is what art is for. Sometimes it just takes us to "RELEASE" whatever is bottled up inside of us to get back on track.

3. "Get creative"

Are there other factors in your life which are impacting your confidence to be creative ?

What ever is on your mind, get creative and write about it, even if you do not feel comfortable translating it as yourself remember that this is what art is about, whether it is through the third person or any other form of creative endeavour you can use all your energy and channel it into your creator process; this will make you a productive AND HAPPIER person. It may even take you stepping away from your usual craft to get creative in another area (e.g singers that play instruments often experience this) but whatever the case; try to be strategic so that whatever you do to release whats inside of you can later be tied into your main craft and benefit your growth.

Thank you for reading, we really hopefully this helps anybody struggling with staying creative and relieves some of the anxiety around delivering that next piece of work. Much love A-Grade 

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