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Article : Musicians: Why ATTITUDE matters in life and the creative industries.

The importance of Attitude is something that through experience we have witnessed, could do with some more reflection. Not just by artists or creatives, but all people in all areas of life. Here we will be touching on a sensitive topic so it wouldn't be surprising if we struck a few nerves with different people. We'll make no mistake, it's intentional. We want you to GROW so it is vital that each of us help each other by truly "keeping it real" and confronting the flaws in ourselves and our peers. This is not a blame-game exercise and anyone who takes that approach to this will have already proven our point, by missing it. Consider this, every single person you interact with, meet and come into close contact with is left with an "impression" of you. It is tough to recognise that at the same time we strongly encourage people to "not care" about other people's opinions of them, in the very same breath and almost an oxymoron, we will also argue that it is VITAL that each of us is conscious and aware of the impact we leave on others. Whether you notice a positive or negative pattern with people, understand that this is ultimately a product of your attitude. Consider what your attitude is really ? It is a by-product of your habitual psychology as a human being. As you know humans are creatures of habit, our personality really is just a series of patterns in which we choose to handle social and practical situations in life. If you find yourself at odds with most the people you deal with, it may be time to address it and recognise "It's not them, it's you". That doesn't mean you are at fault for everything, it means your ability to communicate and resolve problems with people may need refinement, it's not about being right or wrong, it's about remaining productive and positive rather than negative and bittered by your experience with others. New people can always tell.

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