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Article : Losing Objectivity ; Your opinion VS "The Haters"

It is vital that all creatives get good at doing what is required in art itself; to read between the lines. Even within a lie there is often a half-truth. The tough thing about being an artist in which your "career" literally depends on the subjective opinion of others is that it leaves you vulnerable to a fatal blind-spot, one which is incredibly hard to ever overcome.

We honestly have seen very few make the effort to do so, mostly because the people suffering from this fatal condition are often painfully unaware that this is prognosis. So #LetsTalkAboutIt

Are you right ? Or are your haters right ? You suck ?, As previously stated, our firm belief is that within a "haters" individual opinion are often half truths. There will be quality's they downplay as weaknesses... And weaknesses they highlight as though they are your strengths. It is incredibly important to be mindful of this. And here is where the tough road of recovery begins. Why it's so tough is because it is incredibly difficult to be an artist who depends on opinions to build the career while in the same breath needing to "switch off" from opinions completely while in the creative process to be as true to themselves and their art as possible.

As this the line of reasoning, we wanted to make this article helpful by considering subjective (opinionated) matters from another angle, comparison. We believe it is through comparison to others doing what you are doing that we can best evaluate our positioning in an industry and therefore make the best set of moves to achieve our goals.

So from here onward regardless of how you 'feel' about your work. Pick a leader in your field and then in terms of quality and presentation, be honest, how does your work match up to there's ? Start with your audio recordings and then consider your design, photo-shoots, music visuals and marketing. We understand not having a "big budget" means not everything will be as polished as the new Dababy, Migos, Ed Sheeran or Stormzy music video.

What we are teaching here ultimately is that it doesn't need to be on par with the biggest budget artists you can find, but all work should hit the mark of "professional / industry standard" or you will have the opposite desired effect on people already working actively in the music business.

Rather than see all your months of hard work, new listeners tend to be the most brutal in pointing out that your music video feels like it was shot on a potato, or "it feels like something from 2005". All of these criticisms, while granted should never stop you; at the same time you should have some form of system in order to ignore the noise in your feedback (noise = random individualised opinions) and start to get out valuable data that will help you improve; so what would constitute valuable data then ?

We would constitute valuable data as data/info that starts to create a pattern over time giving you overall insight into how people are experiencing your product/art as a shared experience. So take your YouTube, Instagram and/or Facebook comments, start to also study your insights using Google Analytics or Facebook's insights service and start to extrapolate more detailed information on who has ever responded to your content and why.

From doing this we are certain you will be able to start drawing a line between individual opinions and actual negative trends which would probably benefit you more to learn from and adjust.

We hope this article is well received and helps some artists gain insight into how they can advance both your craft and career without actually spending a penny. Never doubt the power of "listening", It is not the same as simply hearing people, it means you are paying attention to 'relevant' details and finding patterns that will give you better insight into how you can grow as a person and an creative.

So instead of dwelling on the negatives, or letting the positive critique fill you with over confidence either, start to create a system in which you can start to notice patterns of the things people like and dislike most, this will help you to optimise and evolve your craft with time as you will start to gain a stronger sense of how you can engage with your audience most effectively.

No single individual opinion should never hold too much weight but you should always be mindful of what your real objective is with everything that you create. Is it to express yourself, or is it to inform your audience ? Is it meant to be funny ? Is it intended to scare or shake people up ? Whatever your intent, being certain your intent will make you more effective at measuring your own sense of success.

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