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Article : Do other peoples Opinions matter ? #Letstalkaboutit

Updated: Feb 6


Nobody's opinion should ever count as much as your own perception of yourself.

What you choose to think of yourself will reflect what people naturally pick up from you as a person, if you are a person who loves yourself you will likely be received as someone who is highly confident in themselves and their abilities so therefore people will also have more faith in you and your abilities; thus you become more attractive as a professional, business partner, friend or spouse.

While on the flip side, if you reflect that you are not confident with yourself and that you do not believe in yourself or your abilities that is exactly what will be projected unto others.

They will subconsciously find reasons to not have faith in you, many of which will be real natural faults which have been exaggerated because you unconsciously made your weaknesses the focus.

No matter what you do or how are you are in what you are trying to achieve, be bold and be confident, do not worry about other's opinions.

That does not mean be ignorant to criticism. Whether it's that you don't work hard enough, your too late, you didn't listen, you are too argumentative, you lack self respect or you think your better than others; Keep a mindful eye for patterns in opinions, be open to considering them but never let them define you by default, instead use people's criticisms and opinions of you in retrospect as a system to form educated guesses on what next you need to work on.

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