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Article : Just be honest; What do you want out of music ? (By A-Grade)

Updated: Feb 6

Today we would like to talk to all musicians about how being honest with yourself can dramatically enhance your success and happiness🙏😁.

Consider how many stories you have heard of artists who have experienced "fortune, fame or both" and each instance, it wasn't quite all it was made out to be 🙄.

This moment of "anti-climax" can be credited by many of the artist as the very moment their downwards spirals into depression, drugs, addictions and self sabotage after experiencing (or not) what they had painted in their minds to be "success".

This is where the power of knowledge and being brutally honest with yourself (Also known as Self-Awareness) kicks in. So as a helpful question to lead you in the right direction, Have you ever considered what exactly it is you want out of music ? 🤔

Do you want to be a "pop star" or perhaps a "star" within a niche style of music which isn't mainstream but nonetheless has a scalable audience/fan base ? Does fame excite or repulse you ? Would you prefer to remain "behind the scenes" yet "in the know". Or are you trying to be the next P Diddy or DJ Khalid front and centre of pop culture. Do you like the idea of having a big label do most of the hard work/technical stuff for you ? Or do you like the spiel behind being an "independent artist" who owns their masters completely.

Take your time to have a careful think about it. 🤔 Why these questions are vital is because they largely determine where and how an artist should "position" themselves as. Hopefully this breif article will give clarity Consider then adjust accordingly.

No doubt having clarity on your objective will make your journey a much happier one. After all that counts above everything 😁🙏🖤❤️💯🎯

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