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Article : Brand Building; Why 'consistent' quality matters (by A-Grade) (2 minute read)

Updated: Jan 19

This article is intended to be useful to small business owners, creative entreprenuers, musicians, artist managers and anyone else in the business of creating an identity for themselves.

In the world of business, it could easily be argued that the world is split into different areas. For simplicity's sake, we will divide it into two categories today to drive home our point on how you can best create an identity/brand that people can trust.

In this instance and we admittedly are being vague for examples sake, but we will say that one half of business world sells on the basis of 'price' and the other half sells their product on the basis of 'brand'.

Each produces a different result, price oriented businesses sell on the basis of being mosy cost-effective for customers. Brand oriented entities don't sell on the basis of cost-effectiveness, but rather; their worth. That worth is determined by what is now professionally recognised as "Brand Equity".

Consider that every seller on Amazon requires reviews and a trust rating to sell products; but Amazon itself doesn't. Amazon sells you on a higher form of authority than a vendor, but the most interesting thing about this authority is that its completely intangible (invisible). It is not something that could be sniffed out in its corp rate structure or tax bracket. Two main things stand out when that question is explored in depth; what seperates Amazon, or for variations sake, Tesco's (or Walmart for out American readership) from smaller outlets selling home contents does not boil down to anything official. It is not about corporate paperwork, or anything visible. It purely boils down to the way, consistency and style Tescos, Walmart and other big brands have continued to communicate with their consumers.

Communication happens on multiple layers for a business.

1. The internal message and how a brand manages its internal staff will reflect specifically in how the consumer is engaged by the company's representatives/agents/employees.

2. The external message and how a company manages to market/promote creatively to attract new business

3. Overall consistency - And this point is the problematic and less easy to illustrate fact of business which have been dubbed different names but different authors, but ultimately refers to the less "tangible" aspects of business. The strength of a brand is hugely dependent on the "overall" consistency of the organisations message, codes of conduct and standards of quality 'over time' This factor throws off even the most well esteemed practicitioners of business and communications/marketing purely because how a brand achieves overall consistency is linked directly to how their standards are maintained and this can't be achieved simply through a single Facebook Ads cycle; but over a sustained period of time consistently communicating the same ethos (morals and ethics behind the company) and gradually building an identity for itself in the minds of its past and future consumers.

It is this sustained period of continuous communication that has become necessary knowledge for a professional marketer to understand how to execute a marketing campaign effectively in 2020, even more so because the average person in the business world loses their "formula" to stay consistent after a period of .

By neglecting this specifically, they foster a quitting mindset and culture around all their activities, often when toughing it out and weathering the storm is the wisest thing they could do. Rather than that, they will quit when people do not respond to their Ad's on the first 3/5 times misunderstanding the game they are entering, for those 'in the know' of how marketing and branding work practically, we know that data shows that it will take on average (depending on product) a person viewing your brand/advertising between 8 and 14 times over a sustained period of time to even recognise you, and it is only at the point of recognition, that trust and an active relationship can be formed.

Until that point; anyone you are marketing your product or service to is a passive member of the audience, unengaged and inactive.

We already know in advance how many different people, be it creative entrerenuers, small business owners, artists and so fourth that this will all sound all too familiar to.

Our point is to not give up because you have limited engagement or an underdeveloped consumer base, instead understanding that the game you are in is the "consistency" game will produce you results over time

In conclusion

Whether you are promoting a new brand, product, artist, event or song; creating formulas that allow you to repeatedly achieve sustained communication with your consumer will naturally produce more results and conversions/sales. The more people see you in a consistent light; the more trust you gain.

Much love; A-Grade  

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