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Starting a Music Career : Making a low budget stretch "the right way"

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Remember... A KNOCK OFF mindset... produces KNOCK OFF results.

Those same discounts you are chasing is likely the very thing dropping the level of quality in your music, making you less comparable to the mainstream and therefore; less viable for shows/bookings/radio slots and so on.

So in the name of SUPPORT and PROGRESS... #LetsTalkAboutit.

Lesson 1: Invest in yourself

If your on a budget; patience is a virtue, or perhaps be realistic about other areas in your life where you can trim spending to ensure you INVEST in the right things.

Far too often we see artists treat their career ambition as a pipe dream so they adopt a similar attitude and spend countless bucks on things that do not help them, yet become hesitant on spending a little extra on the major things that can change their lives.

Firstly, we are emphasizing the point of treating "getting into the music business" as an investment. This will also give you clarity when faced with the social pressures of quitting and "pursuing something more realistic".

Lesson 2: Nurture your sacred craft; but grow your business

The fact is investing in releasing single, a music video, a record label or recording studio is no different to investing in any other business. The problem is, the Music Business is always perceived as "top down" rather than "bottom up" like most other businesses, people tend to cling to flashy images and ideas of endless success but don't recognise there has to be a functioning business model to make it sustainable.

People who start businesses are usually much clearer on the fact they are investing in gaining entry to an "industry". Whether it's a business or an artist, the strength of your brand is largely dependent on it's consistency in delivering what it says it will as a brand.

Lesson 3: Invest in the things that 'count' the most.

So if you are committed to creating QUALITY music and building a career around it. Being shy with your pockets will be your undoing; we are not suggesting to spend blindly or irresponsibly, particuarly if you are on a budget. We are advocating that you SPEND in the areas that count.

So that extra £100 on your video, that extra few hundred/thousand for promotion, that extra bit of money to get your tracks mixed and mastered professionally, that extra month in waiting to release your work to ensure you are well prepared so it is WELL RECIEVED; count DRAMATICALLY in how your audience recieves and perceives you as a brand.

Make the most of your planning stage and don't be shy in investing in yourself.

IN THE NAME OF SUPPORTING INDEPENDETL TALENT; Here are a few extra FREE practical tips that may help.

Lesson 4: Set yourself a monthly budget

By setting yourself a monthly budget, whether you stick to it religiously or not, it sets a benchmark that you consciously and eventually subconsciously will try to always achieve.

This is one of the most important things you can do to grow yourself as it guarantees consistency.

Lesson 5: Create a business model from the very beginning

It doesn't need to be used right away but will be an asset to build upon with time. It really doesn't matter if your selling music, T-shirts or coffee mugs (or all of the above for all the super entreprenuerial creatives). Building on this with time WILL produce you gains which you couldn't see if you ignored this and decided to purely run on "passion" with no eye for what's good for you or not.

This is not to say don't do things for free, it is to make sure that as many of your "losses" are calculated.

Lesson 6: Don't skimp

Whilst we encourage people to utilise their budget, we also encourage being smart about your investment. Even if it takes you an extra few weeks to muster up some extra cash; if you know it will produce greater results for you; be patient and don't cut corners. Don't skimp

Let's be honest; Most of the time we are all spending money on things that we don't need. When you do the maths that that extra £100 you blew on something that won't grow you, could have gone towards something that would further your ambitions, such as marketing/advertising, getting a song mixed and mastered or a trip to an event that would grow your network.

Thank you for reading;

We hope you have found this article insightful and helpful, we only intend to inform and support out readers with valuable information we know through experience has been beneficial to people also in the business of growing themselves or their brand.

Much love


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