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*As a commitment to supporting our clients;

 we offer a free adjustments stage as a quality assurance guarantee* with all work. 

If you've been struggling to get that 'sheen' your looking for, or maybe you've got  mixing skills too but just don't have the time (or patience, we know how it gets) to achieve a professional

finish to your music or media; thats where we come in. 

How it works : 

1. Organise song files into a single zip folder (Not sure how ? click here)

2. Pay below and instantly recieve link to upload your work to our integrated cloud system.

3. Upload your files to our cloud system

We do the rest from here; you can put your mind at rest and expect to recieve notification within 5-10 days that your work is waiting for you via e-mail/text.

Audio Mixing and Mastering by A-Grade

if you need a high quality finish on your music


pay for your mix/master HERE

(and expect your song within 5 -10 workING DAYS)

Upload instructions will be included on upload screen

but if you would like to know the process in advance


Examples of our work ?

We value letting our results speak for themselves, as we all know that

 talk is cheap so simply scroll below to hear our standards of quality immediately

before purchasing our service. 

examples of audio engineering at a-grade


Friendly Guidelines (with useful links)

- All files must be appropriately named. (VERSE / HOOK / BRIDGE / INSTRUMENTS ETC) 

A-Grade will not be able to guarantee our maximum in quality if our engineers have no direction of what they are mixing as 30 %- 60% (average) of mixing time will go into organising your files instead of actually mixing .

Labelling appropriately helps us to do our job to make YOUR work as amazing as it can possibly be.  

Please ensure you upload in WAV format (A lot of vital information is lost in a file when it is converted to MP3.

For mixing and mastering this dramatically affects what an Engineer can get out of the song

Please use ZIP folders for stems 

This makes sending simple and easy as one file. 

Please ensure that your stems and mixed tracks are not clipping (distorting) as this will dramatically impact the quality of our work. 

As a matter of quality control and keeing standards high, if we feel it is not a good reflection of our work we may be forced to reject the work altogether and refund you.

about our mixing and mastering service :

a-grade has created a formula which makes it simple or creatives to achieve high quality music/sound no matter

where you are situated. as part of our commitment to supporting our clients and a symbol good faith; 

we provide a quality guarantee entitling you to 2 rounds of post-mix adjustments for free  

to ensure we achieve your desired result.

 the key word with us is "industry standard"; this is not a FAST-FOOD SERVICE, in other words; we trade in quality music, not cheeseburgers. there are plenty of studios to accommodate those types of needs BUT This is a service for people with professional ambitions who need time, care and attention to detail PUT INto their creative work consistently. 

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