Theagrade.com is a unique creative hub committed to providing valuable knowledge and industry-standard media and audio-visual services. We are here to support the growth of developing talent and brands alike

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If you have been seeking career growth in the music and media industries; we're here to help.


We know just how much of a struggle it can be to find consistency in the Media and Music Business, both practical information or professional standards; A-Grade was founded to provide high quality support from an independent media and recording studio based in London.

To register your interest in connecting with A-Grade; Simply use the subscribe form and recieve our digital brochure as well as regular useful information and updates.

Formal Notice : As of 2019, the A-Grade studio is generally closed to the public as we are a project-focused studio.

fOR MORE INFORMATION on service studio availability, SIMPLY contact management

or instead use our unattended online mixing and mastering service



If you've been seeking a one stop shop to build consistently and always have the benefit of positive, professional communication; look no further.


We have a wealth of experience producing quality content for clients from our creative studio and are committed to supporting the growth of our clients by resourcing all your needs.


Our services range from :

- Media -

Video Production (Pre/Post)

Recording Studio - Talent development, Audio Engineering, Music Production, Podcasts.

Studio Photography

- Communications -

Video and Content Marketing,

PPC Advertising 

Music Marketing

Branding and marketing consultations

latest media


a digital publication by a-grade

As talent development specialists; our core focus is supporting independent talent, creative entreprenuers and organisations to become the best they can be;


We created our Article series as a resource for people to be able to gain FREE practical knowledge sourced through 'current' professionals on navigating your journey most effectively in 2020 and beyond.



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